True Tarpan is an online tshirt and polo shirt store retailing superior quality products with the customers' comfort and fit in mind.

Our Passion

We established True Tarpan because we are keen on sharing our passion with you. We believe passionately that being true to yourself is the best gift you can give yourself; that in chasing our dreams, living our dreams and being true to who we are, we have true freedom. Our passion can be your passion too.

Our Name

The brand True Tarpan is named for the only species of wild horse known to man. Never truly domesticated, the True Tarpan horse remained true to the wild. At True Tarpan we treasure and celebrate the human desire for freedom and independence.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to create quality clothing that express, embrace and champion our freedom, uniqueness and potential as humans. We hope to remind you to be true to yourself, to celebrate life, to live to the maximum of potential and possibility. All True Tarpan products are crafted to a superior quality and with our customers' comfort and fit in mind.

Our Identity

We won’t bore you with the details of our lives, but we hope that in telling you the things we love and through which we express ourselves, you will get to know us at True Tarpan. We love: Chocolates, Dogs, Scrabble, the Seaside, Football, Cricket, Endless Sunshine, Comics, Chilli sauce, True Tarpan tshirts...